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Pablo's Gumnut space ball

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Pablo's Gumnut space ball
Price: $34.80
(ex. GST)


Pablo’s Gumnut space ball

Pablo’s Space ball is fun shredding toy.

Vegetable tanned leather pompom ball is surrounded by Generous 14 gumnuts with colourfull wooden rings. These beautiful gumnuts are from Red flowing gum which has beautiful red tint.

Hanging with stainless steel chain and quick link.

Gumnut: 4cm long diameter 2.5cm to 3cm ( Please note this natural nut comes in different shape and size, size shown is approximate )
Total toy diameter: 18cm to 20cm
Total toy length : 35cm

Suitable for: Medium bird and large bird

Please note that GST at the rate of 10% apply for goods sold within Australia

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