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Pablo's Easy pop on Nappy suit

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Pablo's Easy pop on Nappy suit
Price: $98.00
(ex. GST)


Pablo’s Easy pop on Nappy suit

We proudly present our newly developed “Easy pop on Nappy suit”

Poop suit on current market is very hard to wear for bird, because bird needs to put their wing into small arm hole to put on the suit.

Pablo’s Easy pop on Poop suit is different.

You don’t have to worry about birds precious wing into small hole anymore.

Middle strap can be swing under their body and out head through into the loop and simply attach to Velcro at the back Velcro closure. Attach to left side first and right side on top. Basically, the neck loop tab is sandwiched by Velcro from both side to secure.

And to be double secure when the leash attached to double D rings. Each D rings are attached to right and left body.

I can offer custom to suit your bird.

Please let us know the size of your bird.

Please note that GST at the rate of 10% apply for goods sold within Australia

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