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Pablo's Teddy Denim vest for boys

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Pablo's Teddy Denim vest for boys
Price: $42.80
(ex. GST)


Pablo’s Teddy Denim vest for boys

Denim is the most have items for Fashion Human and Birdie.
If you are Fashion birdie, this is another cool item that you want to add to your wardrobe.
Funky denim with brown contrast stitch with teddy applique.
Inside is matching brown stripe to show how fashionable you are.
Double pocket is so important you can carry almond treat when you are hungry when you go for little adventure.

Suitable for all bird, Yes we make these items to make sure fit you.

Please let us know the size of your bird when you place order.

Please note that GST at the rate of 10% apply for goods sold within Australia

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