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Rings of Fortune Clear design

Manufacturer: Natures Instinct PrintEmail
Price: $45.80
(ex. GST)


Do you want to give something more challenging for your bird?
This is in one of most advanced foraging toy. Your bird occupied for hours.
I recommend adjusting easy as start and increasing level.
Bird need to move each wheel to get treat. Each wheel need to align treat passage.
Rings of Fortune are made from chew resistant Tough polymer. Pablo plays with this toy for while but there is no damage at all after 3 month.
Chain, quick link and screws are nickel plated

I recommend showing demonstration to bird. Bird are clever but that does not mean they knows how to use it.

Length 15cm
Diameter: 9cm

Suitable for : Medium parrots / Large parrots

Please note that GST at the rate of 10% apply for goods sold within Australia

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