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Birdie GoGo Medium - Silver Dust

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Birdie GoGo Medium - Silver Dust
Price: $347.00
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Birdie GoGo Medium – Silver Dust

The medium size Celltei® Birdie GoGo is made to fit many medium size parrots including but not limit to birds listed below. It opens all the way and lays flat when not use.

Dimension: 30.5cm L x 27cm W x 37cm H

Weight: 1.25kgms

Perch Position (above floor): 12cm, 15cm and 18.5cm
Material & Trims:   1680-Denier Nylon in Gold and Green;
Lining & Mesh:  Grey color Nylon and stainless steel mesh

Detachable Parts Include:

One plastic floor panel 2 oz.
One pair of padded front/backpack straps 7 - 9 oz.
One perch 4 to 13 oz. (depending on type and size)
One single clamp stainless steel cups about 3 oz
Suitable for:
Congo African Grey Parrots Amazon Parrots - Blue Fronted (Turquoise Fronted), Double Yellow headed, Lilac Crowned, Orange-winged (Suriname), Yellow Headed, Yellow Napped, Panama (Yellow Crowned or Yellow Fronted), Yellow Shouldered (Yellow Winged), White Fronted (Spectacled or White Browed, Red Lored (Red Fronted), Mexican REd-Headed (Green-Cheeked or Red-Crowned), Cuban (Red Throated) Medium Conures or Parakeets - Golden (Queen of Bavaria) Conures, Red Masked (Red Headed), Blue Crowned (Sharp Tailed), Mitred Conures

Cockatoos - Galah (Rose Breasted), Citron Crested (Lesser Sulphus Crested or Orange Crested), Ducorp's (Solomons Corella), Goffin's (Tanimbar Corella)

Eclectus - Red-sided, Solomon Island, Grand Eclectus, Vosmaer's

Red Lories

Mini Macaws - Yellow-Collared, Illiger's (Blue Winged)

Common or Indian Mynahs

Modena Pigeons

Parakeets - Crimson Rosella, Eastern Rosella, Prince of Wales (Princess or Alexandra's), Ringnecks,Moustached (Red-Brested)

Medium Toucans - Green Aracaris, Curl-crested Aracaris

Many customers with small stature may opt to have a smaller size for their comfort. As birds do adjust their posture to fit the available space, it works out just fine for both birds and people.

Because the Birdie GoGo is so compact and made of stainless steel mesh, it is also desirable for other small animals as well.

Please note that GST at the rate of 10% apply for goods sold within Australia

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