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Mini Penguin

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Mini Penguin
Price: $16.80
(ex. GST)


I am not just Penguin…….This is the 1st Super zoo winning product Polly Wanna Pinata is made out of all natural non-toxic 100% bird friendly materials.
Give your bird hours of fun chewing exercise and playtime then leave them with a surprise treat! 
Why you need a pinata: Bird's not only love to chew but need to chew. Chewing is an essential part of a birds good health! By providing a healthy natural bird toy filled with nutritious treats you allow your bird to maintain a healthy lifestyle while enjoying the natural instinct to chew.
You can fill in favourite treat or toy from back of Pinata. Bird enjoys shredding and find treat inside!!
Penguin is 10cm tall


Suitable for : Small parrots / Medium parrots

Please note that GST at the rate of 10% apply for goods sold within Australia

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