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Yumi Ishikawa
I live with birds since 5years old. 
Birds have been a large part of my life for a long time and as a caring owner I built a lot of knowledge about their behavior and their need.
I hope birds in our society are happy. They live in cage for many hours while we have to do something we need in our life.
I Hope our product helps give them a fun and enrich their life.
Our envelopment changed and many parrots are endangered. Double yellow headed Amazon parrot are currently only 7000 left in the world.
We can do something to help them before it is too late. We like to see them around in our future and I would like to be a bridge of everyone feels same way.
Pablo’s Bird Toys started with my passion and commitment for quality bird toy product with safe materials to enrich bird life
and help save endangered parrot.
I would like give more opportunity to companion bird/Parrot.
Wouldn't it be wonderful to meet more bird friends not only looking at wild bird through the window?
Not many owner train free flight. To let bird fly outside, bird needs certain training and it involves a lot of risk.
But wouldn't it be great and fun experience to be able to fly big open space may be like a warehouse or even school sport complex?
I would like to build a place where we can do all great things for our companion bird.
   Pablo is Double Yellow Headed Amazon Parrot
   He is glorious 7 years old and has bright personality
   Double yellow headed Amazon are naturally sociable and never been shy.
   Pablo loves attention and outgoing 
   Pablo often goes out with me, everyone see him with smile. And he enjoys seeing everyone.
   Now he runs business with me and shows great passion to check toys
   and looking forward to help save friends in the wild.



Chibihi, Kochan and Yuki
  They are my longest family for almost 10 years.
  Chibihi trust people and loved to be wrapped in hands
  and her son Kochan talks and sings Japanese.
  Yuki is the boss in family and rules everyone.
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