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Toy Safety and Size Guide

Pablo's Bird Toys are made with safe material however all toys are not 100% safe.

New toys should be introduced under supervision.

Inspect bird toys regularly for damaged and loose particles that can injure your bird.

Please be aware your bird play style and preference, some toys may be not suitable to your bird.




It is important to choose appropriate size of toys. Incorrect size of toy may cause of injury

Please note this  is only a guide to find the correct size of toys. Please consider bird's individuality and needs.

Every bird are different and have different preference.

Pablo is very powerful parrot and he can enjoy bigger size of toys than his appropriate size . And also he enjoys small toy and small toy parts.

I usually stay with him when he play with small toys.

Chibichi is cocktails and she like to chews shredding toy. She doesn't enjoy hanging toys.

Shredding and interactive toys are definitely the preference.

Toys are designed to be destroyed. If toys are destroyed in no time, larger sized toys are recommended. 


             Pablo introduces some toys at this store, below is his measurement as toy size comparison


size chart 1


































I recommend to introduce new toy to bird before putting into cage. 

Smaller birds are often scared of new toys. I recommend keeping the toy outside cage to introduce new toy for 1day or two before putting into cage..

If bird doesn't play with toy, try to change location. Often they like toys higher in cage than lower location.

Some bird may takes only a couple of days to get to start play or some takes a couple of weeks or longer.

Bird plays more often if toys are near favourite spot.

It is essential to have toys made from variety of materials to enrich their life.






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