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Pablo's Friend Club

“Hi 4 Wave”  for $5 discount coupon 

Send photo of “Hi 4 Wave” of your bird. You will receive $5 discount coupon.
I attended Barbara Heidenreich Trading seminar “step up 2013”.
At Pablo’s Bird Toys, We are more and more into the training.
Please send photo of “Hi 4 Wave “of your bird, you will receive $5 discount coupon.
And your “Hi 4 Wave “photo is listed at Pablo’s Friend club “Hi 4 Wave “Photo Gallery.
And also introduced at Pablo’s Bird Toys – product Face book page.
Your bird can’t do “Hi 4 Wave”?   Do not worry.
We offer this "Hi 4" as a reward for you and your bird any time.  So you have enough time to train “Hi 4 Wave”
Training deepens the relationship with you and your bird. Let’s do training!
The condition and rules
The photos you send have to be your bird. You can’t send copied photo of somebody else’s bird.
You can only send same bird with “Hi 4 Wave” once.  
If you have 10 birds and all can do “Hi 4 Wave”?  Unfortunately We have to limit only 2 bird in a month.
It is OK if it is Right foot or Left foot
Please note photo fit nicely in our template in landscape
Please send photo to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">
You can Join Pablo’s friend club!
Pablo’s Friend club member will receive news letter include new product informations and social event invitation.
You and your bird will be invited social event such as Pablo's "Meet in the Park".
so your bird have chance to meet everyone in Pablo's friend club.
How to join is easy and free.
Simply fill in the form and submit with photoes, your bird will be listed in Pablo’s friend club gallery.



Come to join us at Pablo’s “Meet in the Park”
Let’s get together under the sun! Let’s meet in the Park!
The aim of this event: Our wonderful companion parrot have chance to meet other bird friends. As we all know birds are social creatures. We would like to enrich their life by meeting friends, enjoying fresh air under the sun.
Bird doesn't have to be on harness. They can pop into small cage and come to the park. We will all see how they get excited to meet each other.
We open this event twice a year and more and more friends are coming, We will advise the date and place of this event on Newsletter, Pablo’s Bird Toys – Products facebook  page and emails are sent out Pablo’s Friends club members.
If you are keen on this event, please do not hesitate to contact us, we are happy to let you know how our plan is going and will be able to tell you the approximately date.
We are looking forward to meet you there!
Pablo's "Meet in the Park" at Victoria Gardens Prahran Melbourne 26th April 2015

Thank you Igor, Oscar, Zazu and Sheldon for coming to the park.

Weather wasn’t perfect but we had great time together, sharring stories and meeting new friends.

It was heart-warming welcome by Nourished 385. We stayed indoor and had beautiful coffee and treat.

We will do "Meet in the Park" event in June again !! Please stay tune....

Thank you for everyone for coming in cold weather.

Special thank you for Marina and Igor for big support talking to cafe and Park for this event.

We couldn't do without your support.

Pablo's "Meet in the Park" at The Stabe of Como, at South Yarra,  Melbourne 15th November 2015
We had lovely lunch at The Stable of Como, It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed talking people in the park and market.
Thank you Igor, Oscar, Zazu and Sheldon for coming again. 





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