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Environmental Enrichment

 Environmental Enrichment
Most of our companion parrots stay in cage many hours.
They born and bought by someone and live in the cage.
We need to make sure they enjoy their life.
In the wild, bird spends many hours hunting food, forage and busy from sun rise to sun set,
we should try to replicate this in captivity.
We are the one who keep birds in cage. It is our responsibility to give enriched life as wild bird.
Do you have problem your bird going back to cage?
Bird does not want to go back to cage? Is it may be because bird doesn’t like stay in cage because it is boring to stay in cage
and outside of cage is a lot more exciting.
Enrichment of inside cage is very important. How about to try fill in with something they can get excited?
By doing this, bird is excited to go outside cage and looking forward to go back to cage every time.
Please give treat to bird when they got back to cage.
Shredding Toys
Shredding toys are always a favourite for pet birds. They love tearing and shredding toys. Some are made from paper, grasses, wood, or
other bird-safe materials.
At Pablo’s Bird Toys, We have variety of shredding toys some of them can be foraging toy such as Polly wanna pinata.
They love to chew and need to chew.
It is ideal to increase shredding toy at certain times of the year when they need to chew.
Foraging Toys
Our bird has food and water in food cup. It is actually very unnatural.
Create challenge and stimulate bird’s natural foraging behavior with reward that has to be worked for.
We have extensive range of foraging device.
They entertain bird and keep them busy. They have to think hard to get reward. Foraging toys are great to keep bird’s mind busy.
More enrichment tips
Rotating toys regularly will help keep the bird busy.
Leaving a radio or television running during the day, especially if no one is home, is a good way to give the bird a little enrichment
Take them out to picnic on nice sunny day, bird enjoy car ride as well
Changing cage location give bird changing scenery.
There is a reason to developing of behavioural  problem, because bird suffers in the environment.
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