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Selecting safe material is the first priority. We have chosen the best and safe materials.
As parrot owner we must provide our birds with a safe, toxic-free environment and ensure all material of toys are safe. 
Stainless steel
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All hardware of Pablo's Bird Toys are highest grade stainless steel (316). We supply 316 stainless steel chain, ring and quick link with our toys.
Some of hanging toys comes with this stainless steel quick link and also they can be purchased at toy part section.
Heavy metal poisoning is common problem of companion bird.
It is important as bird owners to have an understanding of zinc cause of health and illness of birds.
We also test the product from another manufacture ensure they meet our standard.
All manufacture standard are high but if product material are not specified, we put through to a test
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  Vegetable Tanned Leather
   All leather are high quarity vegetable tanned leather.
    Vegetable tanned leather will be chewed and demolished by bird
    Most of Vegetable tanned leather used for Medium and Large birds are thick,
    So they are compatitive to srong beak 
Wood Beads
Wood Beads are made from Non Toxic tree such as hard wood, Pine, Maple and White birch.
They were hand dyed with 100% non toxic colouring.
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Please note when wooden beads access to water, colour may transfer to bird beak or feather temporarilyIf you wish to have toys with non coloured wood beads please send comment along with your order. Wood beads are destroyed instantly if beads were chewed by size inappropriate bird.
Please refer to the toy size guide for choosing the toys with wood beads
Wood beads may be demolished less time than plastic beads but it is essential to have natural material around bird and it is fun for bird and it is natural behavior that birds destroy toys.
Luffa Sponge 
Luffa is one of the cucumber families. 
They are naturally dried fully developed cucumber.
No chemical were used in process.
They were hand dyed with 100% non-toxic colouring.
Luffa is fun and great shreddable material.
Very right weight as you see it is just like sponge so small bird can have bigger toys.
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